Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 stitching plan

What I going to do this year:

Currently working on:

Moon Princess Japanese Embroidery

Shepherd’s Fold part 3

Name tag - beading - EGA national 2015

Phoenix Rising - EGA Seminar 2014

Close to My Heart - EGA 2014

 2014 Ort box - CyberPointer class, I might just assemble the box and not stitch the rest

Beading manger and Jesus

Blue teapot needlepoint pillow not a class project

Rest of the year:
-Flower Balls Japanese Embroidery on hold until I get more done on Moon Princess.
-Shepherd’s Fold the other parts when they are release 
-Holiday Montage start date Feb 2015 from CyberPointers
-EGA national seminar class 204 - Amalia - An Ethnic Drawn Thread Purse
-A class from ANG seminar if I decided to go
-Start on a new piece of a Nativity scene, I have several different one to chose from
-Also there will be other projects BUT first I need to complete a project or two

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