Wednesday, December 31, 2014

year end update 2014

What a year I had. Survivor breast cancer with lumpectomy and particulate breast radiation and taking Tamoxifen to reduce it coming back don’t know if I like it or not thing it giving me brain fog. It is in the back of my mine mind, is the cancer completely gone. Started using a CPAP machine sleeping better more now with a new type of mask.

Started watching how I ate in April beginning weight 236 down to 200.

Finishes in 2014: two crochet kids hats, 2 little girl scarves, cabbage patch wig, small beaded snowman ornament, beaded candy cane, part 1 and 2 of shepherd’s fold, yellow needlepoint pillow, two bead-it-forward square, patriotic beaded square, nativity table topper, and a crochet prayer shawl did not get pictures of all the completed projects

What did I work on two Japanese Embroidery projects Flower Ball and Moon Princess. Two projects from EGA seminar. Wool Applique: one from CyberStitchers and another one did part of it but there are 12 parts to this one. Part three of shepherd’s fold. Some other starts more UFO’s.

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