Friday, December 30, 2011

update on goals 2011

This is the list of goals I posted Jan. how I finish them.

Goals 2011

Outreach projects

Kissing Pillows

did many


Special Olympics

did a few

Knit Your Bit

Mom did one

Beaded Quilt Square

beaded seven square

Sake Box Japanese Embroidery

completed Nov. 10, 2011

EGA Beaded Color Play will start when I get the book

completed April 27, 2011

Embroidered Letters by Gail Sirna from national seminar 2010

finish 6 letters 3 more to go

Projects I want to stitch:

Four birth samplers need to stitch and design

finish one no design for the rest

Beaded nativity set 3D

never bought the beads it takes a lot of beads

Add this later in the year.

EGA Blue Heaven: Temari II and I

Did one ball from I want to do more had trouble with a ball pattern gave up should had try a different ball pattern

Tree of Life national seminar 2011
trying to think why it become UFO

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finishes for December

Kissing pillows tops that Mom and me did over the past couple months just put the stars on the pillow tops.

Scarves for Seamen's Church. Christmas at sea.

Scarves for Special Olympic. Mom done most of them.

Earring for Christmas.

Scissors fob.

Thinking about doing more maybe in gold if I can find gold round beads I like already have small bugles in gold.

Christmas present I gave.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On going beading project

How many beading project is to many to have going at one time?

Ribbon candy earring if I can figure how to finish them. Color matches a Christmas top I like to wear.

Project for Christmas night family exchange.

Need to finish.

Will I get done this Christmas?

Beaded Square

Two more beaded square for bead it forward quilt.