Sunday, February 15, 2015

Projects Feb. 1-14

I had a restless start to Feb. so I started and work on several different projects.

I stated out the month with Shepherd fold part 4 I not happy with the small piece of fabric they just sent enough with a small seams allowance should had realize sooner I was want to get it stitch to stay ahead. I should call the company and complain but......

Then I thought I needed a small take along project. So I started this another Nativity set. I really should complete one I already started in another technique.

A beading project for EGA national seminar 2015.

I think I did put time on this project.

CyberPointer project Holiday Montage from ANG.

Bead it forward project. Need to get these done deadline is coming up. Work on two maybe all three. I have one more of a tiger somewhere I need to find where I put it.

A UFO from seminar 2014, I thought I better put some stitches on an UFO.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shepherd’s Fold part 3

Finish Jan 30, 2015 before part 4 arrive.