Thursday, March 10, 2016

This year projects UFO 3-7-16

I just doing UFO's this year. These I have chosen to do this year. I have many others but these made my list.

Ort box I might just assamble it not finish stitching. The orange fabric is the lining for the box.

Getting closer. Boarder not finish and a few more stripes left.

Need to put a backing on the pieces to make them stiff. 

Fringes need to be added.

Sew it together.

One almost done one square left. Three more blocks  to do.

Another project I want to finish this year. Head will be hard might need to get some help.

Part four of shepherd fold. First three part are stitch but not put together. Two more parts they should wait until next year.

This is Jesus manager need more straw also need the head. 

I think this is enough for this year because with Japanese Embroidery I need to do.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Japanese Embroidery 3-7-16

I had not touch of my Japanese pieces since Nov. not out of a routine of stitching. I have three pieces that been started.

This piece will have to wait for class in April it to hard to get started again.

Need to make Katayori but that will have to wait for class for help. Also I need to find my yellow pencil to redraw the bottom of the butterfly.

I started this piece on 5/15/12 other pieces got ahead of this one. It mostly done need help with the cords but it will have to wait for class in June if even then. It is hard to take more than two pieces since I fly. Little to far to drive by myself. Will work on the strings and other little motifs now might try the cords again after I get in the rhythm of stitching.