Thursday, April 28, 2011

water gone

Water gone by morning. When water goes down it leaves corn stalk in the road. Then take the Skid Steers (tractor with scoop) to move them aside.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

water water

GCC - color play

Finish color play GCC.

Sake Box 4-27-11

Flat silk finish. Now to the gold.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outreach Kissing pillow

Mom and me doing these pillow together I do the top half of the heart and star and Mom does the rest.

Embroider Letters

The letters is from EGA National Seminar 2010 taught and design by Gail Sirna. Two finish, one a big mistake and six more started.

The "O" I made a big mistake cut out the wrong area look like I will have to start all over.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Goals 2011 April update

Goals 2011 update

Outreach projects

Kissing Pillows

Done severals will do more. Mom helping me I do the top half of heart and star and she does the bottom of the heart and lettering.


Done some will do more.

Special Olympics

Knit Your Bit

Beaded Quilt Square

Did some for this year will do more next year theme.

Sake Box Japanese Embroidery

About done.

Camellias Japanese Embroidery

Starting in June.

EGA Beaded Color Play GCC

Have one project done one more to do.

EGA Blue Heaven: Temari II

Will I complete this one did not even start on the first temari GCC need to learn how to do the ball have a DVD I need to watch.

Embroidered Letters by Gail Sirna from national seminar 2010

Have two done, six more half done, and one have to start completely over.

Projects I want to stitch

Four birth samplers need to stitch and design.

Beaded nativity set 3D

I love nativity sets I have kits and patterns for several different sets. Waiting to buy the beads.

Sake Box 4-8-11

Almost done with flowers and leaves on to the gold.