Saturday, June 30, 2012

Midyear update 2012

Goal 2012
What I want to finish this year
How am I doing?
Outreach projects: scarves, kissing pillows, bead it forward squares, and any other outreach projects.
Been doing severals different ones
Embroidery letters from Seminar 2010 three more to go “e”, “m”, and “d”
FINISHED and framed
Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Rainbow Bend ICC
Gave it up just was not working out.
Beading projects who know what they might be
FINISHED 7 and others in the works
Projects I want to stitch on
Tree of Life from Seminar 2011
It is a UFO
GCC if I get the one I want “Floral Whimsy” bead embroidery through CyberStitchers BEE
signed up
Japanese Embroidery “Kusudama Flower Ball”
Pretty Petal Pins By Toni Gerdes CyberPointers Jan. project
never started a UFO?
Beading projects something for different seasons and holiday I just cannot stop doing beading.
have some ideas what I want to do

June goals update

June Goals Update
Outreach projects
Mailed kissing pillows and work on more their is a big need

Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Finish still need to remove from frame
Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”
Worked on the piece
Beading off loom
Beaded doll a few beads

Friday, June 22, 2012

Stitching Story - Japanese Embroidery

Japanese Embroidery

Why I started doing Japanese Embroidery because I wanted something challenging. I been doing some type of stitching most of my life. I had tried most method of stitching done on counted fabric, canvas, non-counted fabric, beading off loom, crochet, knitting, tatting, and others that done in hand and still doing some of them. That where I came up with the name of my blog “Work in Hand”. 
In 2000 I join CyberStitchers so I started attending EGA seminars, I also attended a couple of ANG seminar, before that I attended different festival for several years always wanting trying something new and taking classes at home when there was a shop. Then I took a Rozashi class taught by Margaret Kinsey in 2005 EGA National Seminar was in Atlanta. That year I also visited the Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC).
In Jan. 2006, I went JEC, teacher Karen L. Plater, started “Bouquet from the Heart of Japan”. Then in 2007, I attended National Academy of Needlearts (NAN), where Shay Pendray was teaching “Shay’s Stitch Buffet” I was still working on “Bouquet from the Heart of Japan”. Then I attend classes that Shay was having near her home twice a year in Troy, MI, also Diane Horschak was helping there at Troy. I been going to NAN most years and going to Troy at least twice a year.
What I have accomplish in Japanese Embroidery:
“Bouquet from the Heart of Japan” started Jan. 6, 2006
“Bouquet from the Heart of Japan” finished Feb. 1,2008 
“Hiho Fan” started Feb. 2, 2008
“Sake Box” started Sep. 24, 2008
“Hiho Fan” finished June 24, 2009
“Camellias” started June 9, 2011
“Sake Box” finished Nov 10, 2011
“Flower Ball” started May 15, 2012
“Camellias” finished June 15, 2012

Sake Box framed

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flower Ball 6-19-12

Completed the "red" pointed chrysanthemum. Only 54 more steps to go. I still have to redo the "red" cherry blossom I using pink, will wait until I finish what was assign first. Now to the leaves on the pointed chrysanthemum. Stitch the foreground before background. Need to do them before the "front pink" camellia, I stitching it in orange? not good with color names. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Camellias 6-15-12

I think I finish. Just over a year.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camellias- 6-14-12

Getting closer just veins left I think.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camellias 6-9-12

Finish a flower. Just leaves to go.

Flower Ball 6-8-12

Slowly starting. How long will it take to finish? Who knows. One more day of class. What will I work on today. Have more color picked out for the other flower and leaves. Should take a picture of the color that I will be using. I like the way Shay make everyone "Flower Ball" different. 

Camellias 6-8-12

Getting closer to being done. Hope I did the red on the petals right this time lost count of how many time I have taken it out. I should be able to finish it without bring it back in November. Saturday will be the last day of class.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 June Goals

June Goals
Outreach projects
Christmas ornament?, kissing pillows and book markers.
Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Try to finishes this month
Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”
Start working on the piece, what ever Shay want me to do first having 5 days of classes this month, this piece will take awhile to do.
Beading off loom
Beaded doll
Ornament for me?

2012 Update May Goals

May Goals Updates
Outreach projects
One Christmas ornament
30 Kissing pillows 
5 in progress book markers
Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Severals Leaves
One flower
Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”
Put on frame
Outline part of two braids
Beading off loom
Beaded doll did not work on
Red ornament finish
Small ornament almost finish