Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 goal Feb update

Feb update Goals for Stitching in 2010

Japanese Embroidery Sake Box I did stitch on it some.

Twelve Days of Christmas beaded ornaments by Amy Loh-Kupser. Finished one almost done with second one.

Japanese Temari Basics for Beginners EGA CC have book going to do don’t know.

UFO - CyberPointers 2009 President Project Carnival found the instructions and only behind two squares behind no stitching yet.

Ort Box ANG did some stitching on the project thinking about changing pattern so there will be less stitching.

I hope I will not add no more than two projects there is always something that come along. So I did vote for Hummingbird & Honeysuckle EGA CC In CyberStitchers poll don’t know it will get enough votes. If it don’t make it pick another??

I would have more stitching done the past month but I have not been felling mine best.