Friday, July 4, 2014

new beading project

Why I doing this who know? Was it bugging me I did not have a beading project that I wanted to work on. So in honor of 4th of July the project below came to mind.

It took awhile to find it and came across two other patterns to chose from Sand to say the one above will not be started at this time because I don't have the beads needed to do this. The square are just two inches.

This is another one I found it have everything to start it not the one I going to do.

I pick this one. I have everything together in one container. So I going to start it I don't get side track.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Current projects 7-3-14

Still need to finish arranging and attaching them to the fabric. 

Working on the cords but I not liking the angle. Going to start working smaller items.

Making good progress on the piece.

Not working on any beading project at this time not like I don't have anything like UFO'S.