Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sake Box 7-24-11

Not done yet getting tired of gold work. Need to change to Camellias.

Embroider Letter "e"

Now to letter "R"

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This pattern is an adaptation from Naples seminar. I added the blue back ground.
After I charted this with blue background I miss place the original I would like to give credit to the designer.

Flamingo earrings pattern by Dragon. Unique Beaded Jewelry.

Mill Hill bead kit Flamingo.

July goals 2011

July Goals 2011

Kissing Pillows - Outreach project

Done severals will do more. Mom helping me I do the top half of heart and stars and she does the bottom of the heart and lettering.

Sake Box Japanese Embroidery

About done I think. Gold work take time. I want to get it done before class in November.

Camellias Japanese Embroidery

Will work on the project when get more done on sake box.

EGA Blue Heaven: Temari II

Will I complete this one did not even start on the first temari GCC? Still waiting for the book.

Embroidered Letters by Gail Sirna from national seminar 2010

Have four done, five more half done working on letter “e” pull thread or at least it is setting out wanting to be work on.

Rainbows Bend

Individual Correspondence Course starting on lesson two.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

Will be making some for trading at seminar. Have some which just need the back.