Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 update

How did I do in 2012

Post from the beginning of 2012 italics is the results

Outreach projects: scarves, kissing pillows, bead it forward squares, and any other outreach projects.

Happy with what I did some still need to be mailed off.
Done several beaded square don’t know the count.

Embroidery letters from Seminar 2010 three more to go “e”, “m”, and “d”

All finished and hanging on wall will add one little thing to be complete

Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”


Rainbow Bend ICC

Gave up more work than I wanted

Beading projects who know what they might be

Several was finished

Projects I want to stitch on

Tree of Life from Seminar 2011
I never could get back to stitching on the project

GCC if I get the one I want “Floral Whimsy” bead embroidery through CyberStitchers BEE
Got the class but never could get started on the project

Japanese Embroidery “Kusudama Flower Ball”
Started and making progress

Pretty Petal Pins By Toni Gerdes CyberPointers Jan. project
Never got around to start the project

Beading projects something for different seasons and holiday I just cannot stop doing beading.

I am happy with what I beaded I think I don’t have any UFO’s unless the last two i don’t get back to them soon

Update December 2012

December Update

  Kissing pillows mailed more off
Started some more tops

Two Ribbon candy Christmas ornaments finish

Japanese Embroidery
  Flower Ball did stitch some
  Nativity 12 flat peyote pieces finish

Started two beaded ornaments need to figure out how to finish

Started an inventory of stitching things so things are in a mess in the basement the area where stitching things are at. So i am up stairs in mine new place to stitch out of sight out of mind.

What should be mine goals for next year?
Also How did I do in 2012 need to look back will I like what I found out?

outreach 2012 total

This is what I mailed for outreach in 2012.

Three scarves, Handmade Especially For You.

200 kissing pillow tops

12 book marker for literacy

3 ornaments for breast cancer

Kissing Pillows 12-25-12

Sending 50 more tops.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mini Nativity

I used Delica beads and the pattern is from Thread A Bead.  The figure are 1.34"x 0.8". I have yet to decide how to display them.

I had made a 3-D knitted set and perforated paper stand up set. Or better said I collect patterns of Nativity sets. All of these are figurines. I have a pattern book for macrame, twisted paper kits, crochet, and 3-D cross stitch. I have also start collecting pattern using delica from Beaded Balloons I have three of the patterns and yet to buy the beads.

I would like to make Nativity sets using different method of stitching or craft method.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flower Ball 12-19-2012

Stitch some more on the piece but not in the last few days.

These are 1.5 inches high by 1 inch wide. "Ribbon Candy Ornament" by Calico Crossroads.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I got a brace instead of a boot not as heavy. I can use the basement stairs now. I can get to mine stitching supplies. I still won't be going up and down as many time before. Ankle still causing pain when I over use so still won't be moving much. Arthritis not nice.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stitching and Beading

Mine 300th post

These are the things I am stitching and beading.

Traditional Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”.

Kissing Pillows

The two following project from Thread a Bead a place I buy and download pattern.

I will be start beading Nativity Charms there are twelve of them size 1.34” x .80”

Also Festive Balls Christmas Ornament almost finish have to wait until I can find the bigger beads, I know where they are I think not enough to tell someone to find them in the basement without someone bring box after box up. Mine mobility is limited right now because wearing a walking boot and using a walker because of arthritis in ankle also keep weight off I was told. I have yet to go crazy find out on the Dec. 13 hope by them able to use the ankle more and it only been about a week.

I change the pattern some less panels. Each will be their ornament.

This is what I use to bead from a recliner. It came with a cushion attach to the bottom fill with bean bag stuff.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Goals

December Goals

Kissing pillows
Beaded square

Ribbon candy Christmas ornament, need to finish for gifts.

Japanese Embroidery
Flower Ball
  Ball Christmas Ornament
Nativity scene flat peyote when I get mine beads and pattern        
I will do some beading and other stitching. Get some outreach things ship when I back in the basement.

One problem or not several beading sites have free Christmas pattern or sales telling me about through facebook. How many will I get? Or how many I think I will bead.

Also most of mine stitching supply are in the basement mostly organize. When will I send someone in search of something or get a pattern I printed off.