Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stitching and Beading

Mine 300th post

These are the things I am stitching and beading.

Traditional Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”.

Kissing Pillows

The two following project from Thread a Bead a place I buy and download pattern.

I will be start beading Nativity Charms there are twelve of them size 1.34” x .80”

Also Festive Balls Christmas Ornament almost finish have to wait until I can find the bigger beads, I know where they are I think not enough to tell someone to find them in the basement without someone bring box after box up. Mine mobility is limited right now because wearing a walking boot and using a walker because of arthritis in ankle also keep weight off I was told. I have yet to go crazy find out on the Dec. 13 hope by them able to use the ankle more and it only been about a week.

I change the pattern some less panels. Each will be their ornament.

This is what I use to bead from a recliner. It came with a cushion attach to the bottom fill with bean bag stuff.

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  1. Hope you are able to move about soon. Know what you mean about sending someone to the basement. A lost cause at my home!