Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 update

How did I do in 2012

Post from the beginning of 2012 italics is the results

Outreach projects: scarves, kissing pillows, bead it forward squares, and any other outreach projects.

Happy with what I did some still need to be mailed off.
Done several beaded square don’t know the count.

Embroidery letters from Seminar 2010 three more to go “e”, “m”, and “d”

All finished and hanging on wall will add one little thing to be complete

Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”


Rainbow Bend ICC

Gave up more work than I wanted

Beading projects who know what they might be

Several was finished

Projects I want to stitch on

Tree of Life from Seminar 2011
I never could get back to stitching on the project

GCC if I get the one I want “Floral Whimsy” bead embroidery through CyberStitchers BEE
Got the class but never could get started on the project

Japanese Embroidery “Kusudama Flower Ball”
Started and making progress

Pretty Petal Pins By Toni Gerdes CyberPointers Jan. project
Never got around to start the project

Beading projects something for different seasons and holiday I just cannot stop doing beading.

I am happy with what I beaded I think I don’t have any UFO’s unless the last two i don’t get back to them soon

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