Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How did things go

Outreach projects
Scarves, hat and kissing pillows
did couple scarves, a hat and kissing pillows
also did bookmarkers

Beaded snowman
started the snowman but realized what I was using to cover was too big

Rainbow Bend Lesson 3
I thought about it look at couple books about color dyes would had done more but work table was over flowing so no room to work
even with a clean table I did not get to the lesson

Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
work on a leaf

Embroidery Letters - letter “d” and “E”
half of “m”

Pretty Petal Pins By Toni Gerdes CyberPointers meeting project for Jan. I was not going to add any more but I forgot about this until I found the thread and canvas.
not started yet

Beading project
Heart ornament
same problem a snowman

Earring hearts
just started need to find the beads to finish I have them someplace I think I have everything out of sight out of mind

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