Wednesday, April 9, 2014

update on life

I decided to do the radiation treatment. I finished partial breast radiation treatment got to ring the bell.  Two treatments a day 6 hours apart for 5 days for a total of 10 treatments. This is how the treatments was delivered . The biggest problem I had was keeping my arm bent and held in place in one position toward the end of each treatment the arm became painful but I did all the treatments.

The only problem I have now is fatigue at times and skin is a little red. Also keeping up with different Dr. appointments over the next severals months.  One of them I will find out what medicine I might be taking reduce breast cancer coming back.

After a sleep study one night which led to a CPAP study I will be getting a CPAP machine some time soon. I will no longer need oxygen at night. I hope I will not have many problems getting use to CPAP machine the study help what type of mask that will work best.

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