Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Boot

I was thing about getting a pair comfortable black boots low heel that look good, but not just one black boot. Arthritis is not good. When I went to the doctor on Thursday (I was having pain deep in the ankle) I was just thinking it was just the hardware that was in the ankle from breaking it on Dec. 2, 2008. It is arthritis so I came home with the boot, and medicine (Meloxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), with instruction use a walker and come back in two weeks. A walker is not fun in a house with stairs and when you spent most of your time on the lower levels.

I am now sit up in the living room in a recliner with CD player I like audio books (when it will read the disk sometime NOT) I can use a laptop to transfer the CD to a ipod the listen to disk it not the same. I have a beading project that I can work on luckily it was on my a lap tray so it was deliver to me. I will be in good shape until I run out of beads and who I send in search of the needed beads cannot find them. I have mine stitching lamp brought up also. I am trying to be good and keep the boot on and using the walker not to go to the basement where most of mine stitching thing located. That is were CD disk cleaning disk is at someplace next time I will send some different in search of it.

But I have yet to decide to just goes down a few steps to get to mine Japanese Embroidery I will use a cane. There is no place to move it upstairs. I have just have gotten in a good habit of stitching every morning and making good progress. I miss working on my piece.

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