Saturday, June 30, 2012

Midyear update 2012

Goal 2012
What I want to finish this year
How am I doing?
Outreach projects: scarves, kissing pillows, bead it forward squares, and any other outreach projects.
Been doing severals different ones
Embroidery letters from Seminar 2010 three more to go “e”, “m”, and “d”
FINISHED and framed
Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Rainbow Bend ICC
Gave it up just was not working out.
Beading projects who know what they might be
FINISHED 7 and others in the works
Projects I want to stitch on
Tree of Life from Seminar 2011
It is a UFO
GCC if I get the one I want “Floral Whimsy” bead embroidery through CyberStitchers BEE
signed up
Japanese Embroidery “Kusudama Flower Ball”
Pretty Petal Pins By Toni Gerdes CyberPointers Jan. project
never started a UFO?
Beading projects something for different seasons and holiday I just cannot stop doing beading.
have some ideas what I want to do

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