Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Goals

May Goals
Outreach projects
Christmas ornaments, kissing pillows and book markers.
Japanese Embroidery “Camellia”
Worked on leaves and a flower petal or more.
Japanese Embroidery “Flower Ball”
Put on frame. Start stitching or wait for class?
Beading off loom
Beaded doll.
Simple list of goals I just need to get the stitching area organized and project lined up.


  1. Bell Flower - is that fuzzy effect?

    Unless you have done fuzzy effect before, I recommend that you wait for class.

    I have just started Queen of Flowers and am really enjoying it but I did the tutor tell me a few things about the technique.

    1. It is not fuzzy effect. Another name for the piece is "Kusudama" it is a phase 10 the pre work is on the cords.