Friday, December 30, 2011

update on goals 2011

This is the list of goals I posted Jan. how I finish them.

Goals 2011

Outreach projects

Kissing Pillows

did many


Special Olympics

did a few

Knit Your Bit

Mom did one

Beaded Quilt Square

beaded seven square

Sake Box Japanese Embroidery

completed Nov. 10, 2011

EGA Beaded Color Play will start when I get the book

completed April 27, 2011

Embroidered Letters by Gail Sirna from national seminar 2010

finish 6 letters 3 more to go

Projects I want to stitch:

Four birth samplers need to stitch and design

finish one no design for the rest

Beaded nativity set 3D

never bought the beads it takes a lot of beads

Add this later in the year.

EGA Blue Heaven: Temari II and I

Did one ball from I want to do more had trouble with a ball pattern gave up should had try a different ball pattern

Tree of Life national seminar 2011
trying to think why it become UFO


  1. Its good to document your goals and see how you do against them. I did the same on my blog. I look forward to seeing your goals for 2012.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Happy New Year and congratulations on getting a lot of your goals accomplished. I was wondering who your Japanese embroidery teacher is? And also, did you enjoy working on the Sake box? We could have met at Naples - I should have checked things on your blog....
    I was wondering if you still have the pattern for the folding ort box that was published in the ANG magazine... I have been trying to get that pattern for a long while now - curious in how the pieces fold down etc. and was wondering if you would mind sharing that with me. I enjoy looking at your blog occasionally...
    Nupur in Connecticut

  3. Nupur,
    Japanese Embroidery teacher is Shay Pendray. I finish the Sake Box so I must have like to work on it and since I did finish not have to do all the gold work on the pot help a lot. ANG folding ort box is in the chapter project book not the magazine and the ort box is a UFO.