Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Embroider Letters "b"

"b" is finish blackwork. Now on to letter "e" pulled thread.

storm 6-20-11

After the storm.

Picture out of my bedroom window.

it miss the unit. and again was without power. First storm took down 5 power line pole and the second at least 8.

Two month of on a off bad weather. I started in middle of April with damage to the flat roof. This was the most unnerving because that is the room I do Japanese Embroidery in so every time it storm I make sure my embroidery is safe.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

storm 6-19-11

Tree damage.
Hole from lighting?

That a limb against the house.
Close call. Hope the roof is OK.

Crazy weather. We already had damage once this year.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camellias 6-11-11

Finish a petal and started on the steams that the right word.

Camellias 6-10-11

Random long and short in flower petal finish a half of a petal after the half of petal I was ready to go on to something easier. Started the flowers center. Almost finish another leaf. Saturday, last day of class find out what stitches will be use for the other leaves at least some of them. Saving the other flowers for class in November.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Camellias 6-9-11

First leaf almost done just need the vein.Would had that done it I knew how it was to be done. The leaf it is done in woven effect. I think this was good for one whole day of class plus after class stitching time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sake Box 6-8-11

More gold work done after two day of classes. Camellias tomorrow.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sake Box 6-3-11

Getting closer to being done just gold work. I still need to transfer the design on the other black area that the least favorite thing to do.

Goals 2011 June

June Goals 2011 update

Outreach projects

Kissing Pillows

Done severals will do more. Mom helping me I do the top half of heart and stars and she does the bottom of the heart and lettering.


Special Olympics

Working on mine second one.

Mom on her 9th one. Need to find a place to deliver them to mailing will be expensive.

Sake Box Japanese Embroidery

About done. Gold work take time.

Camellias Japanese Embroidery

Starting June 7.

EGA Blue Heaven: Temari II

Will I complete this one did not even start on the first temari GCC. I think it start this month.

Embroidered Letters by Gail Sirna from national seminar 2010

Have three done, six more half done working on letter “b” blackwork or at least it is setting out wanting to be work on.

Beaded Flamingo

Pattern from EGA Seminar in Naples have started.

Rainbows Bend

Individual Correspondence Course working on first lesson. Finish all exercise but working on the last one. Still working on the written report.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

Will be making some for trading at seminar.

When did the list get so long I thought I was making thing easier????